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Do you need a telecom solution you can rely on? A company with a vision of the future of telecommunications, one that will help you grow and scale your company, is ahead of the market and innovates change?

Call One Global Telecom. We are an international solution for telecommunications, wireless, emergency restoration, utility services and intelligent transport provisions, for the businesses of today and tomorrow.

Using cutting edge and futuristic telecom technologies One Global provides the latest bespoke business telecom and IT solutions for our valued clients. You tell us your needs, and we will create a plan to make them a reality.

Whether you are a multi-national company or a small local start-up we have the solutions for you. We create innovative plans to build your company’s communication infrastructure. We help you with the simplest solutions to the most difficult and advanced telecom systems on the market today.



One Global Telecom provides the highest standards of service in the telecom industry, from the conception of your project to the end result. One Global offers bespoke plans with innovative design, expert engineering and installation. One Global listens to you, the customer, and your needs are our focus. Our engineers and technicians will plan your project with you to deliver a robust and effective solutions.

We can monitor your project and offer after sales help and support to ensure everything runs as it should.


Are you looking for someone qualified to support you as you build, supervise, grow, and manage your wireless business network? One global has the expert engineers, technicians, installation specialists and creative ideas for all your plans. Our experience as wireless technology providers means we are well versed in the advantages of wireless technology, wireless applications and how they can be used to enhance existing or new communication provision for your

We are experts in:

  • Advanced network technologies,
  • Fiber-optic cable,
  • Networking, DWDM and SONET,
  • Data networks, ATM, IP, Frame Relay, Ethernet,
  • Switching platforms, DMS, 5E, Metaswitch, DLC, DSL,
  • Wireless

One Global offers end-to-end management of your project, we are flexible and cost effective to ensure you get the service you need for the price you want.

Give us a call today to see how we can help you


Emergency Restoration

We know keeping installations working effectively is of critical importance to you and your clients. One Global Telecom has the skills and expertise to ensure your communication network is fully protected from loss or damage. We offer complete emergency restoration services.

We provide 24-hour recovery and restoration of facilities from disaster, water and fire damage. We securely store hundreds of miles of fibre optic cable, concrete and fiberglass manholes, and conduits to ensure immediate restoration of your installation keeping you connected.

We are focused in keeping your facility up and running, our expertise and highly trained engineers can do this super efficiently, allowing One Global to offer
cost-effective solutions and immediate response restorations.

Utility Services

One Global has decades of experience in the utility infrastructure sector, in above, and below ground construction. This ensures our work in transmitting and distributing gas and electricity for providers and distributors is cost effective and efficient.


We work closely with our partners on gas distribution to commercial and residential properties. One Global works closely with drilling and pipeline companies to build the infrastructure necessary to ensure the smooth transmission of natural gas to all clients.


One Global works with trusted electricity providers to provide the infrastructure for distributing electricity to businesses and homes throughout the …….. area. We
have the skills and experience to efficiently get the power to where it needs to be in the most cost effective way.


Intelligent Traffic System

In today’s world Intelligent systems are set to expand exponentially with the advent of effective machine learning, especially in the automotive industry.

One Global has the experience, expertise and technical knowledge, to lead the way in building the infrastructure for intelligent transport systems. As the benefits of Smart transport systems becomes widely appreciated, Smart highways, cars and driver less vehicles will become the norm across the country. Advanced city Smart transportation will be in demand by the public and critical to the government. One Global has the vision and ability to deliver Smart transportation systems cost effectively and on time.

Our decades of experience in the telecommunications sector leads naturally into intelligent transport infrastructure. Our dedicated teams can install the cutting
edge infrastructure you need, when you need it. Whether you need a new system, maintenance or upgrade of an existing advanced traffic system we have
the service for you.

Give us a call today to see how we can help you create your Smart traffic system of the future.

Partner With Us

Our partners are important to us; we take pride in our strategic working relationships with national leaders in the telecom industry: such as Emerson, Asterisk, Riverbed, Cisco, Checkpoint, Redhat, Hostnet, and Vyatta.

Our partners expand the options we can give offer to customers and ensure the highest quality services and products. We are proud to work alongside them ensuring optimum effectiveness in the telecom sector.

To see how we could work together why not call us on.

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Our Solutions Do you need a telecom solution you can rely on? A company with a vision of the future of telecommunications, one that will help you grow and scale […]

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