One Global Telecom offers EF&I Services, telecommunications and business telecom service and solutions to its clients, around the world. Working with the latest cutting edge technologies, this IT solutions company provides a wide range of business telecom services and IT solutions specially tailored to the needs of the clients. At One Global Telecom, we provide the IT services and solutions for the businesses and IT support for companies of any size, with the various products ranging from the basic business telecommunications to several multi-feature telecom services.
One Global Telecom offers communications and IT services for:
• Small businesses
Telecommunications industry
• Healthcare industry
• Government
• Financial Enterprise
• Large enterprise
• Television and Radio
• Educational institutions

With the union of video, telecom and data which has built up a complete new world for the companies who provide communication service. As the challenges in this section are formidable as well as the opportunities endless. The next question which comes to the mind is how does the EF&I service help a business?

Our decades long experience in delivering communication systems solutions, starting from engineering and planning to the installation and maintenance of any system, along with the knowledge of our experts in the Wireline, Optical, DC Power and Wireless technologies and the regulatory necessities allow us to assist the communication service provider companies in the evolution from conventional video, voice and data to the latest IP based mobile media and telemedia services.

The competitively-priced portfolio of this IT services company ranges from the PBX telephony to the superior hosted VoIP, as a whole this business telecom service company covers everything from the conventional solutions to the latest cutting edge. If you are willing to have the IP telephony then we can provide you the simple yet sophisticated VoIP telecommunications solutions according to your requirement. At One Global Telecom, we also offer the clients the facility of after-sales support to ensure a great maintenance and help options, on the basis of wherever and wherever they need. We set out to offer the businesses of our clients with less day-to-day management costs, the capability to improve with lots of speed, no hassle and last but not the least, with improved efficiency.

The service executives of this IT solutions company always look forward to save the money of its clients with the high-class IT solutions of communication. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and see what we can do for the growth of your business.

This IT support company has become a one stop solution for the clients who are looking for complete EF&I Services. One Global Telecom has proved their knowledge in the procedure of designing, planning and engineering communications systems for the large telecommunication companies, large business organizations and the government entities. Besides, this IT solutions company also offers a turn-key and complete communication system design and has the access to a thorough network of technology partners, by letting them a great range of customized and competitive pricing solutions. The staffs and engineers are also trained and therefore certified in EF&I services to work with all the big manufacturers. The innovative solutions of this IT services company are planned such a way to satisfy the business requirement of the technology climate of today’s era. The EF&I engineers at One Global Telecom offer on and offsite project management and complete installation, product support and testing services.

One Global Telecom offers low-cost and high-density modular solutions for central office with the built-in performance and technology for new construction of the systems of main business frame as well as for expansion.
So, whether you are searching for a simple business telecom service for the small office or for a complicated range of telecommunications service for the multi site or larger company, One Global Telecom has the expertise and knowledge to offer the IT companies with the proper telecom service for their businesses. The telecommunications system plays a significant role in any business which allows one to communicate with the clients, staffs and suppliers. Being one of the leading IT services companies, One Global Telecom understands the needs of the clients as well as knows that a business cannot survive without IT solutions like business telecommunication systems.

One Global Telecom is one of the renowned telecom and IT solutions provider which offers modular, feature rich and easily expandable IT support and IT services which would help to grow the businesses of the clients.

What Are The Solutions of One Global Telecom:

Being an independent IT support, telecom and management solution provider, One Global Telecom listens to the requirements of its clients and discusses with them the best possible solutions which are available. Take a look at the solutions.
• IT Architecture like Cloud Computing & Data Center, Network Architecture, Audit & Security Architecture and Convergence Architecture
• Connectivity like Point to Point, Private WAN, T-1/DS-3, Internet Service, O Cn, Ethernet, Colocation and Fiber
• Telecom Management Design Solutions like: Provisioning & Ordering, Contract management, Invoicing, Install & Activation, Optimization and Reporting
• Unified Communications solutions like: SIP Trunking, Hosted Business, Unlimited Nationwide Calling, VoIP Services, Contract/Call Center Solutions and Asterisk Experts
• Project Management Solutions like: Document Management, Collaboration, Project Portfolio Management, Issue Tracking and Resource Management.
• IT/Software Operations Solutions like: Business Process Automation, SAP Strategy Development, Customized Business Solutions (CRM, ERP, BMS), POS Development and Medical Software Solutions.
• Training solutions like: Curriculum Development, Beginner to Advanced, Customization, Context Sensitive Training, Group Classes
• Engineering solutions like: Transport, DC power, Wireless, Structured Cabling
• Installation solutions like: Cable and Equipment Installation, DC Power, Cable and Equipment Removals, Turn Up & Test, Structured Cabling, Installation of Cellsite Equipment
• Central Office Turn Key Solutions like: Project Management, Engineering, Security and Installation
• Security solutions like: Security Cameras, Cabling, Access Control and Intrusion Detection.
• EF&I Services like: Transmission & System Engineering, Drafting and Electronic Design, Support of Vendor Selection, Inventory and Warehousing, Installation Materials and Installation Kits

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